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There’s is no answer sheet to parenting and the journey can be lonely at times. 

We provide you the tools, resource and the support you need to get out of that parenting and homeschooling trap.

Parenting and Learning Treats

Are you struggling with parenting your child?
Do you find it overwhelming when teaching your child? 
Searching for the best parenting practices to assist on yourself?
Feeling the guilt while working and leaving your child  alone or vice versa?

We all struggle during the parenting journey. 
We feel that our time is being stretched. We feel overwhelmed. We feel unbalanced. We feel frustrated. 

If you
– are searching for ways to better manage your work life and family life
– are finding solutions to better connect and positively nurture and impact your child
– have the desire for your children to hold on to the love of learning
– looking for support for a variety of home learning and parenting issues. 

You have come to the right place. 


10 things to do with child at home


  • Is your child constantly complaining of boredom?
  • Not sure what to do with your child at home?
  • Feeling disconnected? 

Download our free home learning guide that can fill in the gaps in your current home learning journey. Empower and impact your child positively through fun and engaging home learning activities . 

“Strategies to nurture and impact your child positively”

Hi I am Lup Wai, a mother of 2 children and I have been growing with them from the very start of their learning journey. As a parent to them, I can understand the loneliness and struggles during the parenting journey. I have worked with parents who want to have better connection with their child and at the same time nurture a curious learner. Through the use of the right tools with good a solid approach, I help parents build a stronger connection with their child, regulate their emotions, get their messages out between the parent and child and positioning themselves as THE EXPERT in parenting and home learning. On top of that, I help parents to take care and nurture their own self and their emotions. I believe I can support you too!
Lup Wai

Parenting Advices

Find out how to positively impact your children while fostering a healthy connection.

Home Learning Tips

Learn more about keeping your child engaged, and interested in learning with our home learning articles.


Find quick and easy recipes that doesn't take too much of your time to prepare and cook. It is healthy and nutritious too!

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Traveling with children is fun and full of exploration. Read our posts to find out more where we go and what we learn along the way.


We create home learning materials suitable for home and classroom use for toddlers to preschoolers. Learning is never boring!

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The best way to experience our wide collection of parenting and home learning tips and tricks is to follow us and choose the most enticing tips and tricks to suit your needs.

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"I like the customised service that is catered to my needs & also the warmth & sincere touch shown in all the items Ive ordered. Good job Lup Wai...keep it up! Im certainly ordering more in future & recommending your wonderful work to all my friends."​
Preschool Educator
“I love all the educational services offered for kids!"​

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