Discover which Primary Science topics your child is strong/weak at!

  • Is your child finding it difficult to relate questions to the concepts/topics?
  • Is your child struggling to answer Open Ended Questions with the right Scientific keywords? 
  • Is your child feeling unmotivated to study Science? 

Science Top Tips

7 ways to spice up your Science revision for Primary Students

10 Screen-Free Activities

Get your child involved in fun screen-free activities at home

Homeschool Planner

Stress-Free Homeschool Planner to meet your homeschooling needs

"Hey there! I'm Lup Wai"

I'm a devoted mum of 2 children and I have been growing with them from the very start of their learning journey. As a parent to them, I can understand the loneliness and struggles during the parenting journey while nurturing my children. My work is to help busy parents to nurture their curious learners through Science. Through the use of the right tools and strategies with good a solid approach, I have helped the children to build up their foundations and understanding the basic concepts of Science. With that, children are more confident and motivated to perform better in their academics and in life.

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