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5 benefits of colouring for adults and kids

We know that colouring has many benefits to our health and kids generally start to learn colouring before they start to learn writing. There are not only kids colouring books that sell well, but also adults colouring books too.

So, what are the top 5 benefits of colouring and why do people find colouring so interesting?

1. Colouring is great for human’s mental and emotional health
While a person is colouring, he/she lost focus on other matters and focus on their colouring work because this rhythmic activity allows the brain to calm down and remove the negative behaviour or thoughts of a person. It is therapeutic and a form of stress relief activity for both adults and kids. For more details, you may read this report on “The Effect of Coloring on Perceived Stress Levels of
Hospital Nurses: A Quasi-Experimental Pilot Study
Colouring for mental and emotional health

2. Colouring can be done anywhere, anytime and as a FAMILY BONDING activity
This is a low cost activity for both adults and kids. It is a great activity for the family to do it together and bond with each other having working together to complete a wonderful piece of art. All you need is just a good set of colour pencils or other colouring tools and colouring books.

3. Highly beneficial for kids especially kids with ADHD, autism and other challenges
Colouring is a therapy as it helps to reduce stress and increase self-awareness. Kids who find it challenging to express themselves or/and having low self-esteem will find that colouring makes it easier to express themselves in a nonverbal approach. As colouring produces a relaxation response, the mood of the person tends to improve indirectly from it.

4. Improves motor skills, hand eye coordination and flexible thinking
One of the easiest and amazing hands-on activities is colouring. It triggers the brain to focus on sequential operations as well as being responsible for logic-related tasks. It also made use of the muscles in our fingers, hand and wrist while we manipulate the objects such as colour pencils and creating the motions and actions.

5. Teaches colour recognition and awareness
Learning the names and hues of the colours creates awareness of primary and common colours. With the knowledge of colours, they are able to explore different colour combinations thus increase their creativities.
Colour recognition

Colouring is for all ages. Some people may find it stressful to do colouring especially when they do it competitively. If you do find it stressful, do stop and take in some deep breathes before you start again.

Another thing to note is not to have too many materials available as this may be overwhelming for some. It is good to start with a handful of colouring materials and add on when it is needed.

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A-Z cover page

Share your experiences
We would love to know how colouring benefits you and your kids so please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

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