5 Days Challenge

Master the Art of Intentional Parenting

This is a completely FREE 5 Day Challenge.

This challenge will unlock your parenting mojo and supercharge your parenting skill that will allow you to connect and engage with your child and YOU!

5 Days of Challenges

where you’ll be learning about YOU and your child:

– Start your own journey

– Learning to unplug 

– Look into your child’s world

– Match your child’s needs

– Action taking and maintaining the relationship

What we cover

  • Bringing you back to your childhood days and look at those parenting days you received from your parents.
  • Understand your own love cup before filling others
  • Who exactly is your child? Understand what characters do they own and what characters do you want them to own? 
  •  You are a role model, a person whom they look up to and admire. How do you support and get them to be who they want to be?  
  • A step-by-step plan that guide you on how to take action and connect with you child.
5 Days Challenge: Master the Art of Intentional Parenting

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