A fun-tastic boo-lloween night!

It’s the time of the year where you can get funky, crazy or scary with your costumes! This year we are making our costumes using recycle materials: cardboard and fiber fill from old pillow. Gor gor requested to be Ironman and mei mei not knowing what she wants but she insisted on wearing a pink dress. Poor me, have to come out a “theme” from that dress.

There are many halloween events happening around Singapore and we had a hard time choosing which to go and which we can go according to our time schedule. Final decision made and we went for Safari Boo at River Safari. Their theme for this year is “A merry-not-so-scary kids event” where there have storybook characters come alive at night at Safari Boo. Sounds fun!

Want to know how the smarties’ costume looked like for the halloween event? Here you go…
candyflossfairy ironman

Once we entered the place, we were greeted by not scary staffs but happy and friendly staffs. We saw Jack from “Jack and the beanstalk” ran towards us to give out goodies for the little ones and not forgetting posing a picture together too.

They gave us a little map to show what they have in the Safari. As you can see, the activities are well distributed. Hopefully is not crowded. Let’s go…

There were many posters set up to guide us along the way on where to go for trick or treat. The posters were really colourful and lively. Smarties were happily skipping their way to find what’s next.

We saw Pinocchio giving out treats. Our Iron man went to grab some and took a picture with them but not our little fairy. She was a little scared and took a pic with the poster instead.
Pinocchio Pinocchio1

Next, we found Hansel and Gretel games and crafts station. It wasn’t crowded and there were 3 stations for everyone to try out.  You get to choose which station to go first.

Smarties went for the spin first.

Look at the prizes from the spin. Interesting!

Then we went to the spider craft station. While waiting for our turn, smarties were observing what others were doing. The staff who manage the queue even chatted up with them and got pretty impressed with the Ironman suit.
hnggamestation3 hnggamestation4

Finally our turn to at the spider craft station. The staff was explaining in details on how to do it and there they were listening attentively.

Now is the time to make one for themselves. Oh yes, Ironman and fairy also need to do their own crafts MANUALLY. No special magic here.
hnggamestation7 hnggamestation8

Presenting our lollipop spiders!

We skipped the crown decorating craft and went to the next Boo station. These station is more educational where they explained to you about the animals. You get to see the staffs patiently explaining to the children and playing games after that.
funandgames1 funandgames2

Smelling station where they find 2 bottles of the same smell. No matter right or wrong, you will still get your treat. No children are left out here without a treat.

Game station where the children need to dig for insects.

Mei mei didn’t dare to dig for it so she went for the next station where she got to throw a toy into the bucket.

Learning about tiger and things (or was it insects??) that glow in the dark and later move on into a tent which I didn’t follow.
funandgames7 funandgames8

Just nice we can catch the show at the Furry Tales station and so we headed towards there through broad walk which was nicely decorated…

and we bumped into Ironman’s friend: The Hullk!! Let’s strike a pose!

The show was awesome. It has a mixture of different fairy tales into one story and that’s not all, they even have animals to come out for the show too! Children get to touch it as well.

After the show, we headed towards the aquarium to watch the feeding of the manatee. The journey there was fantastic because you get to meet different characters without feeling bored.

We spotted the skeleton feeding the manatee. He looks so cool in there and the view was magnificent!

Smarties back to catching the characters for photo taking again after the feeding was over.

The last but not least, was the Royal show outside the Safari where they sing and dance. They have 5 best dress contestants on the stage before ending the show. Cool huh!

The show ended with a blast!! The children were happily picking up all the confetti from the ground.

So if you want to bring your kids to a not-so-scary and funtastic Halloween event, why not try out the Safari Boo? Furthermore, kids under 12 enter free after 6pm!! There’s no tricks, there’s only treats! 😉

Safari Boo @ River Safari

Dates: 23,24,25,30,31 Oct and 1 Nov

Time: 6-10pm

Have A Booo-tiful Halloween!

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