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A trip to Future of Us

Ever wonder what our future looks like? Is everything going to be automated with transport systems hovering above the ground, robots working for us, etc? In order to find out more, we made a trip down to Future of Us located at Gardens by the Bay.

What is Future of Us about?
It’s an exhibition with immersive and multi-sensory experience that offers a glimpse into the possibilities of how Singaporeans can live, work, play, care and learn in the future. Sounds cool? It is cool!

Our first stop when we entered the exhibit is getting into a dome where we were seated to watch a 360° dome projection. They call this the Theatre of Generations where it shows how the past inspires the future.

Next, we entered another dome, Symphony of the City, which shows us how Singapore’s future may looks like. The characters in the show are the same as those acted in Theatre of Generations.

Now into the third dome, Home Tomorrow, we were all awed by what’s in front of us. This is the showcase of our future homes. There are viewfinders with videos placed around different areas around the dome allowing people to watch the different home scenarios. Smarties were fun exploring the area and watching the “shows”.



In the Blue Skies dome, everyone is given the opportunity to pen down your wishes and get it shown into the digital galaxy. Smarties were having fun penning down their many wishes.

Last but not least, smarties favourite, the playground! The minute they saw the swings, they quickly hopped onto it. This is the Lion Outdoor Playground.

There’s even an exercise machine here too!

So what do swings and exercise machines got to do with Future of Us? Well, the swings and the machines helps to “power and charge” up power bar displays. When it is fully charged, the display will release a random bubble shape into the sky with sound effects.

One of the sound effect is the roar from the lion!

Overall the trip was good and the place is nicely done up which caters to both young and old. If you haven’t been there yet, do pop over and have a look!

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