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Afterschool Homeschooler and Parent Whisperer

Before becoming a parent, people around me told me that mother’s instinct will come naturally and you will know what to do and that led me to think that parenting is a no fuss and easy job because I am handling my own child and I know what to do naturally.

But many times, I struggle. I struggle to listen to my gut, I struggle to listen to myself and I struggle to listen to my children.

Many times I even questioned myself:
– am I fit enough to be a parent?
–  what if I can’t be that perfect parent?
– what if their future is destroyed by me?
– what if I raise a monstrous kid?

Parenting is tough and I had doubts about myself. Thankfully I have support that changed my journey to an amazing and exciting one. Now is my time to share my support and knowledge with other parents. 

Parenting can be like a roller coaster ride where you will experience ups and downs, regardless you are parenting boys, girls, toddlers, or teenagers. Regardless, we still their role models and their teachers. 

My mission is to help you to listen to yourself and your children, so that you can strengthen your parenting abilities and build a strong relationship with your family and nurturing it.

I will provide all the support and guidance on parenting and home learning with your child/children. It shows you the strategies on empowering and impacting your child/children positively.

Do you have following burning parenting questions in mind?

  • How can I find time to connect with my child? There’s so much to do i.e. housework and work, I don’t have the time to spend quality time with my child!
  • How can I be a good role model to my child?
  • How do I connect with my child to a stronger and fun relationship?
  • Feeling anxious about how parenting goes between you and your child?
  • Worried about whether you are good enough to teach your child?
  • Overwhelmed with resources and support from all over the place?
  • Not sure where and how to get started on parenting and/or home education?
  • Dread the daily routine with your child and family?

Above are some of the parenting questions frequently asked. If you are looking for homeschooling materials, do check my Shop where I have create and share fun and easy to follow educational materials for both parents and teachers.

There will be workshops, courses and parenting sessions being conducted as requested.

For private parenting sessions to help you learn effective and positive techniques and skills. You may schedule a FREE 30 mins session with me and we will work through what you need. 

Let’s connect and make this parenting journey a wonderful and amazing one!

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