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Addition within 10 with Bingo!

What is addition?
Addition is a mathematical process where you put things together to find the total or the sum. It is a process where having 2 groups of objects or numbers and putting them together. The most basic skill is to count and add up to 5, followed by 10.

For a child to learn numbers, besides counting using numbers, addition can be represented by physical objects such as toys or cubes. Mei mei started off with learning the Math concept, you can learn more about it here. Slowly, we proceeded to count then moved on to add. In order to make learning addition more interesting, I have created a bingo game to play and learn together with her.

She got really excited and couldn’t wait to start doing addition. We started off using objects to count and do the addition. At the same time, she was also having fun making patterns out of the addition equation. Math is also about patterning, isn’t it?

The second round of the game, we removed the objects and used our fingers instead. She was getting a hang of it and because it was only adding within 10, she could do it with all her fingers. We had an enjoyable time randomly picking up the cards, counting together and striking off the numbers on our bingo cards. I won a few rounds but that didn’t deter her from learning further. After the game, she continued taking out the addition cards one by one and doing the sums with the objects. I can certainly tell she’s enjoying her addition learning journey from here.

Learning Math is never boring. If your child doesn’t show the interest in learning or even boring, then try to create some games to make the learning more fun and interesting. Learning is not about getting a distinction. They could feel it if we are pushing them too hard. They may voice out or they may not. The importance here is getting them interested in learning which is the headstart in their learning journey and encouraging your child to have a positive attitude towards learning. Be your child’s positive role model, that way, not only are you helping your child to create that interest, the relationship between you and your child will become better too!

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