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An adventure at Mara River Safari Lodge (Bali)

Recently friends around us have been asking us about our Safari trip that we went 2 years back. I wasn’t really into blogging then, and when they asked, I had nowhere to direct them to and my explanations were pretty vague. To me, pictures speak a thousand words. So here I am, blogging about what we did during the time we were at Mara Safari Lodge. Boy, do I miss the trip back then while recalling those days. Hope we have the chance to go for it again.

Our very first day of the trip, once we touched down and reached the hotel, smarties were wowing here and there. When we entered the room, it was pretty much like a resort. It was cosy and best of all, the view right in front of our bed was fantastic. While the adults were busy unpacking, the smarties were busy snacking away and relaxing.

Check out the bathroom. You feel like bathing in the outdoor, except that the roof was partially made of glass. No worries about flying animals or insects bathing together with you.

After settling down, we headed to the restaurant for an early dinner. The view at the restaurant was impressive. They had a corner with (almost) full-length glass panel where you can view the lion’s den right next to it. Yes, you feel like you are dining with the lions.

Food choices at the restaurant were mainly local and western food. They have a kids menu too but smarties preferred the adult menu and so we ordered mainly western food as requested by them. Their display of food, not bad huh?

After dinner, we quickly headed to their reception counter and getting ready to have ourselves caged up! So what are we up to? Are we crazy?

Is for our very first Night Safari Tour! Yes, we human got caged up in order to take part in the night world of the wildlife adventure. The experience was unforgettable. We were able to get so close to the animals and feed them, that I even got peed on by a tiger.

Yes, you read it right. I was peed on by the tiger. No, I didn’t strike any lottery after that. This is how it looked like when we were touring around. A truly unforgettable experience indeed especially for me. After the tour, we quickly head back to our room to clean up and have a good night rest.

The next day, we woke up with this view in front of us. There was some food provided in the room for us to feed the animals. We managed to throw far enough for the animals to enjoy 😉YS_Safari14-1

After feeding the animals breakfast, it was our turn. Now we can have a better view of how it looked outside the restaurant compared to last night.

Is so cool to dine with the lions, how about going toilet with the lions too? Gor gor got a little bit freaked out when the lion suddenly appeared. Oops!

After breakfast, we grabbed their activity schedule and headed out to the park. They have a number of activities in the day and you definitely won’t be bored there.

1. Animal show

2. Elephant show

3. Funzone was under maintenance at the time when we went.

4. Safari Poo Paper: we had a non-animal education trip where we learn how they use poo to make paper.

5. Souvenir shops with loads of toys that caused smarties to go crazy.

6. Aquarium

7. Photo taking with animals: while waiting to take pictures with the orangutan, we have a mini one here performing some stunts.

8. Feeding of animals e.g. elephants, etc. (pictures were all blurred…sigh…).

9. Petting Zoo: a place where the children get to ride on pony, feed and pet the animals. Guess whose butt was that?

A nice guide took out a guniea pig for the smarties to pet and giving some lessons on the cute little animals.

The pony rides that they have been looking forward to.

On top of the above, we got to see many other animals as well: komodo dragon, leopard, white tigers, etc. At different timings, there will have their staffs carrying different types of animals out for a stroll and we were allowed to interact and take pictures with them too.

Last but not least, they have cultural shows and exhibits too. Smarties were pretty engrossed with the man who was doing egg painting on the spot. YS_Safari41-1

The last day of the trip, we went to back to the souvenir shop to get gor gor’s favourite pet toy. He was happy to be able to get something back for memory sake. As for mei mei, she got herself a little tiger backpack. Till date, they are still playing with the snake and using the backpack.

How would we rate this place?
Definitely, a worthwhile trip especially if you have children or/and you are an animal lover. We were never bored during the days there and not only the children, even the adults enjoyed a lot during the trip. With so much interaction with the animals, it is clearly very educational as well. Smarties were asking when are we coming back again during our flight back home. Soon….I hope 🙂


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  1. Wow! Coming so close to fearsome animals can be quite frightening. Your kids are so lucky to have this kind of experience at such a young age.

    1. Yeah…we were all excited and frightened at the same time but we enjoyed the experience. 🙂

  2. I was just trying to think of a short holiday destination and I think my kids will absolutely love this! How many days do you recommend to stay there?

    1. We stayed for 3D2N and I would recommend to you the same. For us, it was just nice, not too rushing especially if you bringing kids. Day 1, once you reached you may need some time to settle down and relax. Day 2, you have the full day to explore. Day 3, you can catch up anything you have missed on day 2 and prepare to check out. 🙂

  3. I am impressed!! Getting so up close with the animals and it must be very memorable moment when the tiger peed on you. I love the view from your room and at the restaurant. so cool! Love to visit someday.

  4. Waking up and seeing animals! Wow, I think the animal lovers children will love it. I’m not so sure I’ll like the night safari tour though. Very exciting yet scary – the mum’s always the scardy cat. But it looks like an experience not to be missed!

    1. Yes, my kids are animal lovers. Every morning they will jump out of bed and “catch” the animals. If you are really scared of the night tour, there’s a day tour too and you are seated in a minibus. More protection 😉

  5. Wow, I can’t believe they stuck you in a cage and let the animals come up so close!! That is such a treat. Does this zoo have a breeding-and-reintroduction programme or are the animals purely for display?

    1. Indeed a treat…I was praying hard that the cage won’t give way…LOL
      They do give some intro during the tour on each of the habitat… 🙂

    1. Yes indeed amazing. At least this is protected compared to Africa safari tour… xD

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