'an', 'at' and 'ar' in the family

Teaching preschooler wasn’t easy. I can’t use all words and no pictures. I can’t use all read and write methods without hands on games. Hence, I have came out with this hands-on games for my boy to learn how to read, write, recognise and spell the words out. He loves it very much and this methods makes our learning journey much more fun than before. Happy to see him playing with it and learning his spelling willingly ;p

We start off with words family ending with ‘an’, ‘at’ and ‘ar’. Using the phonics method, we try inputing first letter on each word. From there, he gets to recognise and learn sound with words. Within a very short time frame, he gets to learn 19 words and he memorised all the words!! Amazing isn’t it? Really love this way of teaching. Going to make more of these for him 😉

'an','at','ar' word family

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