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National Gallery has been opened since 24 November 2015 with a huge hit with many people! During the first two weeks of celebrations, it has saw more than 170,000 vistors viewing the exhibitions. Visitors get to be treated to a diversity of engaging and moving art experiences ranging from art forums to multi-sensory performances.

We managed to join in the fun and the experience with the smarties as well but not within the 2 weeks though. Anyway,  when we reached, we headed straight to the new Keppel Centre for Art Education which was set up to provide a creative space to make art learning enjoyable and accessible for the children. We have “artistic feel” when we were queueing to enter the area.

Before we began our journey, we were being guided to a TV room to watch a “show”.

After the “show”, we were given stickers to proceed to the next station where children are given the opportunity to explore and access original art works, handle art tools, etc. They can even get to write a postcard or labels and “send” or “post” it to the artists.

writing post cards to the artists. Can you decode what mei mei is writing to the artist?

posting it…

A wall of tools used in art or should we described that as “Wall of Art”?

You may also purchased a small pack of materials and create something out if it and display it there.

The art exhibitions are separated into different stations. Children actually get to explore different areas of art.

Smarties got to do colouring over here…

We proceeded to another room where children get to make boats or buses out of card boxes which you can purchase from there. We bought a pack but brought home to do instead.

The ceiling in the room is artistically decorated too!

The next station is the most exciting and interesting place that we have been looking forward to: The Art Playscape. The place is decorated into an enchanted forest with animals. I personally feel like Alice in Wonderland when I entered the place. Be warn: you don’t get to stay here for too long. There’s a time limit for different batches of people going in.

It was getting late and the smarties were getting hungry. We headed towards the exit but before that we got attracted to a dark room. Well, actually not really dark. It was an area where kids get to select their favourite animals from a list and customised them by adding their favourite colours and/or patterns.

Once it’s done, you get to see your animal on the screen. I mean wall!

It’s pretty fun but it would be even better if there is someone there to control the crowd. It got a little crowded in that small space and some children were so engrossed in customising their animals that they do not realised that there is a long queue behind them waiting for their turn.

We didn’t get to explore the rest of the areas. The above activities made us spent a long day there. It was an awesome experience for both adults and children, I would say. Would definitely come back and explore the rest of the gallery soon. We are feeling artistic already!

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