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"Art"ivate your senses!

Have you ever attended any events held by SingaPlural? It is actually our first time attending event held by them and it was totally awesome! This year’s theme is about senses. It’s such an eye opener for us. Why? Because they have made use of art to bring together sight, sound, scent, texture and taste.

Follow us and you will see what I really mean. Note that we will only show random pictures that we have taken as there are way too many pictures to show be shown here and you will get overloaded with it.

Check out our first stop: Hive. It represents a system that can grow and change. Unpredictability exists.

Ohh….this is kind of disgusting or should I say creepy? Especially for those who hates creepy crawlies. The roaches are all over and there are huge!! Smarties didn’t dare to stand among them to take a scary picture. They ran off before I could grab them for a picture. This installation is actually for you to confront your fear. Do you face it or run away from it? Well… smarties ran away from it…

But smarties love this: White Forest. As stated by the designer, this installation is designed to coax our emotive right brain to the fore. It sure does the job.

Walking further we found huge objects that looked like the Tibetan prayer wheels. This installation is called the “Journey”. Smarties had fun turning the wheels a number of rounds before moving to the next stop.

We found many mushrooms in the next room and it looked like a garden of white mushrooms. These little mushrooms are actually representing the clouds. The name of this installation is called “I feel the clouds singing”. Smarties were having fun creating musical rhythm and not forgetting touching and feeling the clouds.

This installation made use of real plants. Everyone gets to smell and touch the display. Smarties were busy exploring all the different types of flowers through their sense of touch and smell. The exhibitor even came over and explained to us what these are and how it is being used in home interior designing.

This is one of our favourite where the background continuously change and you get to stand within the kaleidoscope. A little change will cause the patterns to change as well. This is so cool!

Drawing on bottles and bottle caps. White plain bottles and golden bottle caps were placed all over the place. Markers were left on the table for everyone to freely design on it. Of course smarties will join in the fun in designing too! Check out the wall!

This installation really makes you sense it. They have something like soap bars in a jar where you can smell it and place a sticker on the board to indicate how you feel after smelling the soap bars. There were pictures as well where you looked at it and later indicate how you feel. Unfortunately, the sound didn’t work…

This is the room that I feel really overwhelmed by its smell. It smells overly sweet! This installation adopts the idea of sensory hallucinations and I think it did work. The sweet smelling scent/aroma made me think those were really candies.

Before we end the day, we found a fish tank. The goldfishes looked so real! Mei mei happily swim in the fish tank with the goldfishes.

We were all so engrossed with the installations that we forgot to take pictures for some of the installations. It was really an interesting way of being aware of your senses through the form of art. We hope to be able to join their event again! A very awe-inspiring journey indeed.

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  1. Okay, I would have run away from the giant roaches, too! What an amazing sensory experience! I loved the white mushroom “clouds”. Very cool. 🙂

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