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Start of a brand new year and we are slowly easing into our homeschooling curriculum. Not too bad for a start as we are doing some revision on phonics and learning each letter again. Yes, again!

If you have read our previous post, repetition is highly beneficial especially for preschoolers as it allows a child to master new skills, increases confidence, and strengthens the connections in the brain.

Today we are learning about letter b. We sang and danced with the phonics song for letter b. Then we move on to some fun worksheets that I have prepared.

We started with do-a-dot and she was given a few selections: playdoh, do-a-dot markers, pompoms. She chose the markers and started dotting on the pictures while reading aloud the words.

We had a colouring page for her to work on but mei mei really hates colouring. Instead, she chose to draw lines from the correct words to the letter in the centre. wordswithb

A little hands on to train her motor skills. She gets to cut and paste the correct pictures onto the huge letter B given. She hates colouring but she loves cutting. I just hope she won’t feel free to grab anything to cut in the house when she feels bored….

Last but not least, we had a little puzzle game. She gets to match all the capital and small letters together.

A pretty short and sweet letter b lesson we have here but we definitely had fun with learning letter b more.

So, what are the learning opportunities involved here? Here’s the list, the activities allowed your child to:
– recognise letter Bb
– train his/her hand-eye coordination and control
– increase his/her creativity and imagination
– concentration
– train his/her fine motor skills
– train his/her phonemic awareness

Hope you had a great time learning with us too!

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