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Boom! Explosion of milk colours

Recently we did an experiment and it was oh so amazing and it was really an eye opener for the smarties! Ingredients required are really simple and can easily be found at home.

What you will need:
– container
– milk (we didn’t waste food, we use expired milk)
– food colouring (expired food colouring here too)
– dish soap

Warning: do take note of younger children who will put things into their mouth as we have dish soap involved (and expired food as well).

Smarties can’t wait to start. Gor gor started pouring the milk into the container.

Then they started “dropping” colours into the milk.

Next is the most awesome thing that’s going to happen. Gor gor started to drop a little of the dish soap at a time while we wait to watch the reaction. The colours erupted beautifully! We were very impressed on how it reacted.

So what actually happened here? 
The actual reaction here is the dish soap and the milk. Milk is solid coloured and it contains fat, vitamins proteins. Imagine fat being the little people holding hands together.

Food colouring being dropped on the milk will floats on top of the fat. Dish soap, that is commonly used to wash oily stuffs, breaks down the fats in the milk thus allowing the fats to be separated. Imagine all the little people got separated by the dish soap. That is why when you add the dish soap into the milk, the colours explode!

Can’t actually see how it really works? Check out our short video here and you will jump right out of your seat and work with your kids on this experiment 😉

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  1. Camie

    My son loves this experiment. It’s pretty cool.

    1. Young Smarties

      Same for my kids. Not only them, I love it too! It’s so beautiful when the colours exploded 🙂

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