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Bottle Caps Art

It’s been raining for the past few days and we have spent one of the rainy days at home working on a recycling project using bottle caps.

Every time, after finishing bottles of drinks, the bottle caps will be removed, washed and kept in a container. It’s been pretty useful for us so far especially when it comes to craft sessions. This time round we made a painting with the use of it.

Smarties were being given the freedom to choose what theme they wanted. They chose sea and birds. We used the backing of the drawing block for the painting as normal drawing paper would be too thin and fragile to hold the weight of the bottle caps.

As you can see we have only 1 cardboard to work on. Both of them have to co-operate and work cohesively with each other in order to complete this artwork.

On top of that, they also learn about taking a turn and…

planning out their tasks well on who does what.

I would say the teamwork for this project was impressive. NO fighting, NO arguing, NO conflicts among them. Although both of them have some opinions on how things should be going at some points, but they managed to communicate well and get it done in agreement.

A job very well done indeed! Thumbs up from mummy!

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  1. The bottle cap art looks good, but I am more impressed with the level of sibling love/cooperation !
    I might have give up and let each one work on their own “masterpiece” 🙂

    cheers, Andy

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I find that is good to let them work together because from there they learn cooperation and from each other as well.

  2. Very creative. Will borrow this idea in a few years.

  3. Love this idea! I know what to do with my bottle caps nowz

  4. This is so cute and I usually save these crafts for rainy days .
    Love the way kids get creative with it.

  5. Great Idea. With a bit of creativity, we can pretty much turn anything into art! 🙂

  6. Shub

    This idea is so nice! Best from the waste I would say.

  7. Love how the kids collaborate together on a single art piece. It turned out so lovely!

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