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C makes the /k/ sound

Today we went through the letter C. We warmed up with letter C pretty fast with the Jolly phonics letter C song on youtube and we danced along with it with our own castanets too!

After the song and dance, we cooled and calmed down with a little hands on worksheets. This time round she played with poms poms and buttons instead of do-a-dot. We had a little practice on the letter c with phonics fun. Look at the way she spread her poms poms and buttons. Oh and she added a little pink pompom nose on the cow!pompoms

Out of the sudden, she wanted to be a little painter. She prepared herself a big piece of paper, some hand paint and started writing letter c on it. Guess what…she wrote an upside down letter c to show me.

Now we are back to serious business: cutting. Why serious? Because we do not play with scissor and she seriously cut out all the pictures that start with the letter c.

We had a little writing activity too.

Ok…now what else does c stands for? Caterpillar!! We had a little counting game with the caterpillars.

Ok now is time for a break. We had fun with learning letter c. We hope you do too!

Here’s a summary of what we learn today:
– recognise letter Cc
– train his/her hand-eye coordination and control
– increase his/her creativity and imagination
– concentration
– train his/her fine motor skills
– train his/her phonemic awareness
– train his/her independence

Just to note: the letter c can make the /k/ sound and /s/ sound (e.g. cent, city). We will be learning the /k/ sound in this case and “ch” (e.g. chocolate, cheese). Do stay tuned to our future posts on the rules of using the letter K and C. 🙂

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