Cardboard fish with yarn

It’s been hazy and we have been hiding at home working on crafts because the smarties asked for it. We bought lots of yarn for our previous art work lesson with Teacher Huiyi. In order to make use of it, we did another craft work with the yarn on our own.

The materials required are pretty easy to get. All you need is poster/water colours, cardboard and yarn. Not forgetting the basic necessary materials like brushes, pencils and scissors.
yarn craft materials

Next, the kids get to draw the shape of the animals they like on the cardboard and cut it out. Simple right? Mei mei was busying cutting too but was totally out of shape. Guided her for awhile and she managed to get her little fishy cut out finally. Oh, by the way, both chose the fish for this craft.
yarn craft cutting

The reason for choosing this is because we just read about The Rainbow Fish story  written by Marcus Pfister. Have you heard of that story? It’s a pretty cool book and is really meaningful. Why would I say that? Because the story is about a beautiful fish finding friendship and happiness when he learns to share. This book is also known for its morals about the value of being an individual and for the distinctive shiny foil scales of the Rainbow Fish.
yarn craft painting1 yarn craft painting2

Here they are sharing the colour palette. They used to have their own colour palette because both always choose different colours but not today.
yarn craft painting3

Once the colours were dried, they started “stringing” the fishes with the yarn. A very good chance to train their motor skills and focus as they need to make sure they “mix” their colour well in order to get the rainbow effect. Of course, I won’t stop them if they want to just use 1 colour. It’s up to their creativity and imagination.
yarn craft string2 yarn craft string1

Now they use pieces of coloured paper (also left over from previous art and craft session) to further enhance the fish colours.
yarn craft pasting1 yarn craft pasting2

Check out the final product!
rainbow fish2 rainbow fish1

Amazing, isn’t it? I love the artwork. How about you?

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