Cheer up and get well soon, Popo!

It was a normal day and a normal check up when suddenly doctor said something suspicious found in the body. Further checks were done and it was confirmed to be cancer. Fear, uncertain, anger all came to us especially mum. Yes, my mum (smarties’s grandma) was diagnosed with cancer. Everyone in the family was confused and numbed with the news especially my mum. She kept thinking:”Why me?”

The word “cancer” is scary. It is even scarier when the word is being applied onto you. Your world becomes dark. Your world becomes lonely. Your world becomes hopeless. We asked the doctor what are the options and there’s only one: surgery. We went for it without second thoughts.
Kudos to their after surgery care: feet massager!

The smarties didn’t go the hospital on the day of surgery but we showed them pictures of how grandma looked like and that image upset them. Gor gor keeps telling popo to get well soon while mei mei sobbing away. To tell you the truth, I thought she will just looked upset but didn’t expect her to cry.

On the bright side, we discovered this at an early stage. Everyone who knows started pouring in their well wishes and concerns. Families from other places came over and stayed with her during the recovery period from her surgery and I told her:”Mum, you have all the love and care from everyone. You are blessed to know it at an early stage. You are blessed to be alive. So, please get rid of all the negative thoughts in you and start loving yourself again!”. That hit her and from there, we can see that she gets better each day.

So, what did the smarties learn from this? 
To take care of their health. They have been asking me why popo has to go for surgery. I tried to explain as simple as I can to let them understand what cancer is about, what causes it and how to prevent it. Now, they are watchful of what they eat. They even control popo’s diet too!

How did the smarties contribute?
The smarties went to hospital to fetch popo home on the day of discharged. They took very good care of her by holding her while walking (popo can walk fine, she kept smiling while the smarties holding her like a fragile vase). Once we were home they cleared a space on the sofa for popo to rest (yes, they have been terrorising the house!). Mei mei keep telling me that she will take care of popo and even serve her a cup of water while she rested on the sofa.

Till now, they kept popo entertained with their toys and games. Popo doesn’t play though but they keep telling her what they are doing. When she fell asleep on the sofa, they will get a pillow for her and placed it on her lap. That was really sweet of them.
mei mei served popo food with playdoh

now gor gor’s turn

We are still trying to adjust with the changes. As for me, settling 2 household is no joke. But with all the support and care from everyone around us, I believe we can get back to our normal routine real soon!

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  1. Your mum is blessed to have you and her grandchildren to help her out at this time. God bless you all.

  2. Rebecca Chua

    Blessings to her & hope her recovery process is smooth… Take care

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