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Crafts for Teachers’ Day :)

Whenever there’s any occasion like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Grandparent’s day, we always make something nice (we considered it nice because of time, effort and thoughts were put into it) for that special someone.

No doubt for this year’s Teacher’s day, smarties made something for their teachers. Gor gor, as you have read in the previous post, has made bookmarks for his teachers. You can read about it at Shaving cream marbling on how he came about that idea of making the bookmarks from our usual craft time at home.

As for mei mei, she wanted to do the same too. Currently, she loves purple. Why I wrote currently is because she loves to change her favourite colour whenever her mood changes.

She wanted to make handbags for her teachers. Oh, by the way, her teachers are all females so is kind of easy for her to decide when there’s no gender differentiation. She “smacked” handbags onto the shaving cream and it looked pretty here…

but NOT here. The handbags looked like it has been dropped into a muddy puddle! She agreed too and so we trashed these bags and moved on to another craft…

Mei mei wanted something useful for the teachers and so we prepared the following:

I thought she would have given up especially since she didn’t successfully complete her first handbag crafts. Instead, I saw a determined little girl sitting right in front of me, trying to get things right this time. She patiently sat through the whole process and sticking every piece of the materials together carefully for her teachers.

Yes, stick by stick , parts by parts. No sign of giving up, no sign of tiredness and not even a tad bit of her usual “my-hands-are-tired” whining. I felt so proud of her and of course amazed as well.

Taa-daa!! Finally, we have bright and cheery pencil/pen holders for all her teachers in school.

Here’s how the full package looked like. She was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to show it to her teachers on Teacher’s day.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers and I just want to say THANKS for being the BEST!!! 🙂



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