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D makes the sound der…

We have been reviewing on the letter D last week. /d/, /d/, /d/, /d/…that’s what we have been singing the whole of last week.

We started off with Mei Mei’s favourite activity and that is do-a-dot. She matched the colour of the paint to the picture as well.

We had a short session of phonics letter D sing and dance and continued with the phonics D worksheet.

She moved on to her writing practice but she resisted doing the prewriting section and that’s fine with me.

Mei Mei has been into lacing lately and so made her a letter D lacing card for her to have fun with. Not only was she lacing, she was also trying to create lacing patterns using the string as well. The string was pretty long and she got frustrated when it got tangled up a few times.

More hands on skills here where she cut, sort and paste the pictures that start with the letter D on the big D. She created a story out of those pictures and her story goes: The duck wants eat the donut but rolled off to the deer who was chatting with the dolphin… Don’t ask me how the deer chatted with the dolphin. But I definitely love the imagination here. 🙂

After story telling session, we went on to search for the letter D in the picture that I have created. She loves the baby dinosaurs in the picture and kept saying:”OOohhh…so cute!!!”.

Wait… one more activity on the dinosaur and that’s shadow matching before we proceeded on to…

our cake party game! Oh yes, after every learning session, we get to play together. A way to reward the little one for a job well done on her learning journey.

Here’s a summary of what we learn today:
– recognise letter Dd
– train hand-eye coordination and control
– increase creativity and imagination
– self regulation of attention and behaviour
– train fine motor skills
– train phonemic awareness
– train independence
– train alertness
– building of confidence

We will be digitised our resource. To get the resource, do head over to our Shop!

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