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Decoupage for beginners

Have you heard about decoupage art? I haven’t and I was introduced to this beautiful art by my friend. Boy, were we addicted to it after that! 

What is decoupage art?
If you Google search, decoupage is an art of decorating an object such as a small box or furniture by glueing coloured paper onto it. Each layer is sealed with varnishes and the results look like painting or inlay work.

Simply said, is a process of upcycling. That is to make something beautiful from scraps of paper, glue and varnish.  

So, here we are at Ribbons N Craft where would be learning the techniques of decoupage. Kids were excited. I was too. Kids started with selecting the boxes they like then proceeded on to selecting the paper napkins. There was a wide selection of beautiful decorative paper napkins available and we had a hard time making our decisions. 
Selecting Napkins

While mei mei was busy with making up her mind, gor gor was helping her to dismantle all the parts from the box. Is this sweet or not??

Once all the items gathered, we started working on our mini project. As for me, I have selected to work on a coaster. Mind you, this project needs loads of love and attention. I made a slight mistake and I had to redo everything from the start but I love the process of it. Not sure about you but I find this rather therapeutic.

Great for mommies who want some ME time and making something useful. Don’t you agree?

There were many repeated steps on varnishing and blow drying involved. Kids were super engrossed in it. You know what? We had actually spent several hours here just to work on our project. 

I simply love watching them being so focused and detailed on their work. Our teacher, Judy, was very patient and engaging with the kids and the adults as well. Judy was always there to explain everything in detailed, what should be done and what should not, and why.

Look at our finished products! Isn’t it beautiful? That’s our favourite teacher, Judy. 

At the end of the lesson, we were so happy and satisfied with what we did. Kids now using their boxes as a treasure box. 

After trying my hands on with this craft with my kids, I would say decoupage is an awesome skill to pick up. For the children, it trained them on being patience, motor skills and an eye for detail and neatness. It’s a great skill to learn to make beautiful gifts for friends and families. 

Finally, thanks to my dear friend for exposing this beautiful craft to us. We had a great time with it. 

If you are interested in trying out decoupage, check out Ribbons N Craft.
Address: 402 Orchard Rd, #03-07 Delfi Orchard Singapore, 238876
Phone: 9721 1629

Do you have a craft that is awesome for kids and adults? Do comment and let us know 🙂

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