Dedicating our little drawing to SG50

It’s a long weekend and there are so many activities going on all over Singapore! Everyone is already soaked into the mood before the long weekend actually arrived. With our country’s birthday coming this Sunday, our drawing for this week is about Singapore.

The kids were being asked what’s the first thing that come to their minds when people mentioned Singapore and their reply was Merlion. Merlion it is and we will be drawing that for this week’s lesson. The kids were really excited and chatting non stop while drawing and colouring at the same time.

Do you realised that whenever someone’s birthday is coming even though is not the kid’s birthday, he/she will also be overly excited about it as if it’s his/her own birthday? The joy of being a kid huh?
IMG_3527-1 IMG_3519-1

Their favourite activity on top of drawing and colouring is to spread the “droplets” onto the painting. Look at gor gor! He can even do it with his eyes closed! Yes, he got the “droplets” onto his painting and also EVERYWHERE!!!
IMG_3555-1 IMG_3552-1

Here are our final products. Our special dedication to our country.

Singapore has really come a long way and indeed like everyone has said “This is a momentous event for Singaporeans to reflect on how far we’ve come together as a nation and people!”. We would also like to thank our founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew for spending his life carving out a nation that we can safely live in. A place we proudly call HOME. Thank you Mr Lee!

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  1. Congratulations, Singapore! Another encouraging blog that talks about homeschooling their kids :). All the best!

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