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Discovering Singapore: Marina Barrage (Part 2)

Did you follow us on our first tour? If you have not, maybe you want to check it out at Discovering Singapore: Singapore Maritime Trails (Part 1) before reading on as that was our 1st tour of the day. It was really fun and both adults and children were enjoying to the max while learning out of the classroom about Singapore’s history.

Our second tour was at Marina Barrage. If you mentioned Marina Barrage to anyone, the first thing that came to our mind is:
– a dam,
– a reservoir,
– a great gathering place,
– a place where events are held.

Am I Right? But do you know how exactly Marina Barrage came about and how the dam actually works? We are going to find out more in details from the guide who will be explaining to us.

She was our guide for that day and before the tour started, she engaged everyone by posting out questions to us then she moved on to a little history of Marina Barrage. Marina Barrage (MB) is Singapore’s 15th reservoir and the first in the heart of the city. It is a project commissioned by PUB and was officially opened on 31 Oct 2008 by Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s Prime Minister.

Marina Barrage brings about three benefits:
1. a new source of water supply,
2. flood control (which we will get to see it later on how it works)
3. a lifestyle attraction.

After a brief explanation on what Marina Barrage is about, we were brought to the next level where we get to see the dam built across the 350-metre wide Marina Channel to keep out seawater. There is a total of nine crest gates. During heavy rain, the series of nine crest gates at the dam will be activated in order to release excess storm water into the sea when the tide is low. In the case of high tide, giant pumps will be activated to drain the excess storm water into the sea.

As the water level in the Marina Reservoir is kept constant all year round as it is unaffected by tides, it is ideal for all kinds of recreational activities such as boating, kayaking and dragonboating. Check out the view. Isn’t it beautiful?

Next, we moved on to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG) where it provides information and sensory extravaganza showcasing Singapore’s efforts towards environmental sustainability. There is a total of 6 galleries where everyone is able to explore through fun interactive and innovative multimedia. Our guide further explained our four sources of water also known as the ‘Four National Taps’ and they are:
1. water from Local Catchment
2. imported Water
3. NEWater
4. Desalinated Water

Look at the children! Everyone was listening attentively to our guide.

When we turned around, we saw a luminous green structure. It looked like a spaceship but it was actually an “organic tree” which symbolizes the uncertain state of our present environment.

This is one of the interactive galleries that children love playing. They were happily jumping on this “water filled floor mat” as it changes colours when being stepped on.

This gallery features the active, beautiful, clean waters programme, launched by PUB in 2007.

The most awesome gallery, I would say, is this innovative barrage model that demonstrates how Marina Barrage works. All of us were in awed when it was activated.

This side of the model shows how the pump works.

This gallery unfolds the sustainable development story of Singapore.

That marked the end of our tour and we said thanks to our friendly and warm guide. The children couldn’t wait to proceed on to the next activity and that was kite flying! Yes, we were all came prepared with kites. After a day full of downloading of information into our brain (sedentary fun), now is the time to relax and have some physical fun!
ys_sgmaritimetrail22-1 ys_sgmaritimetrail23-1

Mei mei couldn’t last long with running around the field and ended up performing on “stage” with her friend. They even had a little audience watching them faithfully.

Kite flying was our last activity of the day. By the time we reached home, we were all exhausted but we had a great time learning together and bonding with all our friends. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the 亲子读经班 for organising this trip, as well as for all of the time and effort that you put into it. Greatly appreciate it and we hope to have more of such events!

Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG) tour
Admission: Free
Opening Hours: 9am-9pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Guided Tour: Complimentary. To book, click here





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