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DIY Halloween Costume: Optimus Prime

Some children love Halloween but some do not. How about smarties? Well, they love it because they get to dress up according to the characters they like. Furthermore, children’s version of Halloween is always fun and interesting, and it is not scary at all as compared to the adult’s version. Last year’s Halloween, mei mei got to dress up as Snow White and gor gor as an Iron Man. You can read more about it at OUR FIRST HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREAT @ WOODLANDS WOODGROVE.

This year, of course, they requested for different characters. As usual, girls always love being the princess and mei mei chose to be the “Snow Queen” (Queen Elsa of Arendelle). So what about gor gor? Is not Superman, not Batman, not Thor, not Hulk, not Captain America, not Spiderman. Not any of the superheros. He wants to be Optimus Prime. Yep, one of the characters in Transformers or should I say robots?

As mei mei already has the costume, it made it easy for us. She just have to wear her favourite Elsa dress for this Halloween. As for gor gor, he has to make one himself. Yes, MAKE IT not buy it. Of course with the help of daddy, who is also a fan of Transformers too. The project started a MONTH ago and we collected all the necessary materials: recycled materials.

Daddy assisted gor gor with the measurements and cutting. As for the painting, he did it all by himself.

Next thing he knows, he has to spray the colours on the costume and he was pretty stressed about that as daddy kept reminding him not to waste any paint because there’s no more budget to get more paint. You heard me right, he had to work within the budget. If the paint ran out, he will be a white Transformer instead of the red and blue. Can you imagine that? A white Optimus Prime?

Finally, all done and waiting for it to dry and the bottles of paint bought was just enough for all these cardboards.

Oops, there were more to be painted, however gor gor was patient enough to get it all done. Great opportunity to test his endurance and I must say I was amazed because he didn’t complain or whine even a tad bit about it.

When all the materials were completely dry, more measurements, cutting, and pasting were involved. Guess how much glue stick and tape we have used on this costume?!?!

Lo and behold, with patience, endurance and his dedicated commitment. His costume was finally completed (in time for this Halloween) and he’s loving it so much because he has put in lots of sweat and blood in it. How many points do you give him for this?

I’m definitely loving it and kudos to both the men for making this! Although it doesn’t transform and is not a full set where it can cover the whole body but knowing the hard work that they have put in, definitely impressed me! Frankly speaking, it wasn’t easy as I got to witness from start to the end of this project. He has spent his dedicated effort making this and he treasured it alot.

In fact, this project has benefitted him tons and there are:
– enhanced the bond between daddy and son as they were working together to make this happened
– learning about teamwork
– taking and holding the responsibilities of his tasks
– being committed
– learning and knowing the budget involved and how to make use of it
– be appreciative and not taking things for granted
– and many more, can you list them out?

We will be attending Halloween party with this costume. Do stay tuned to our Halloween event happening this Tuesday with his home-made Optimus Prime costume 🙂

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