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Easy DIY terrarium for kids

Every time we see those beautiful mini-gardens a.k.a terrariums, we get really fascinated by it and really wanted to make one on our own. Terrarium sounds like an aquarium, instead of placing fishes in the see-through glass container, we put plants in it. 

One great thing about terrarium is that there are so small that they can fit in any corner of our house and perk the place up without needing a big space for it. It also makes a great gift for friends and families too.

We did some research and got our hands on the materials we needed and embarked on the terrarium making journey. Here’s what you need:
– potting soil with activated charcoal
– stones/pebbles
– coloured sand
– glass vase
– plant
– mini gardening tools
– mini decorations

*Do note that when selecting the plant, make sure it is small enough to fit into your glass vase and it doesn’t touch the sides of the container.

How to make terrarium step-by-step:

1. Cover the bottom of the vase with a 1.5-inch thick layer of small stones or pebbles.
2. Add a layer of potting soil with activated charcoal on top. 
3. Now is time to remove the plant from its original container and prune the roots.

4. Make a hole in the soil that is large enough to fit in the roots of your plant. 
5. After the plant is being placed properly in the vase, placed another layer of coloured sand or pebbles.
6. Finally, you may start decorating your terrarium with little decorations that you have to complete the look!

There you go!! Here are the terrariums that smarties have made by them (left belongs to gor gor and right belongs to mei mei).

Which one do you like better? Cast your vote in the comment below!

Why are we making terrariums and why is it such an IN thing to do it especially in the Team Building industry and in schools?

Terrariums not only are nice to look at but it also low maintenance. Of course, there are more benefits to it, such as:
– being exposed to plants decrease a person’s anger, a fall in tension and anxiety, a drop in depression, and increased energy levels
–  it provides an amazing learning tool for kids and adults 
– boost your creativity
– great for bonding especially for parent and child working together to make a terrarium

Watch our video on how smarties having an awesome good time making and designing the terrarium at home. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite one too!

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