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Easy Science Experiment: Sink or Float

You know what? We have collected so many treats during the Halloween that we are using some of them for an easy Science experiment today. We will be experimenting if they sink or float.

Let’s collect some of the treats and lay them out on the table. The kids selected the below:
– chocolate
– fruit plus candy
– coconut soft candy
– marshmallow
– coconut hard candy

Then I printed out a chart for them to first guess what will happen to the treat when we put them in the water before we actually experiment it. The kids were challenging each other when they made the different guesses.
guess sink or float

Now the real experiment begins and they were totally excited. Some of the guesses they got it right and some were incorrect but that doesn’t deter them from learning further. They explored further and found out the reason why.

So, what exactly causes the treat to sink or float?
The reason why some things sink or float is due to the density. All these objects are made up of tiny molecules. The more packed together they are, the higher the density, while the more loosely packed has a lower density. Therefore objects sink when they are denser, and floats when they are less dense.

This is a really simple Science experiment with the basic simple facts being explained and shown to the kids for easy understanding. Come on, no more waiting and let’s start cracking with this super simple experiment. It’s going to be fun but be warned if you have candy lover at home.

Check out the video to see what I mean about the candy lover. Oh, don’t forget to write your assumptions and findings on the chart. You may download the chart HERE.

Have fun with your sink or float experiment!


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