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Easy Seafood Noodle with a twist!

Honestly speaking, one-pot dish is the easiest for everyone to learn, especially for children who are learning to cook. This time around, smarties are doing a one-pot fusion seafood noodle dish. Instead of Chinese noodle, they were using the spaghetti.

Feeling hungry?
Let’s begin!

– spaghetti noodle (cooked)
– vegetables of your choice
– shredded carrot
– prawn
– garlic
– seaweed (dried kelp) soup
– 1 tbsp of teriyaki sauce

First, heat up the AMC hotpan prime and add in the garlic. Noticed we didn’t add any oil here. Cover and let it cook till meat window in order to brown the garlic at level 4. Once the hotpan started beeping, open up and add the prawns and carrot.

Next, we throw in the vegetables. Make sure you are supervising your kids in case they “sneak” in some bites!
smarties-eating veggies

Add in the seaweed soup. Noticed we did not use chicken broth as smarties prefer the seaweed soup based for the taste. Seaweed contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of omega-3 fats and anti-oxidants. Didn’t know that right? Now you know 😉

Lastly, add in the teriyaki sauce and cooked spaghetti. Mix everything up. Cover and cook till vegetable window. Once it is done, open and mix evenly again. Serve it while it’s hot!

Ta-daa!! Here is our easy seafood noodle with a twist! Smarties super loving their cooking session with AMC as it is so easy and quick. What’s more, all of us don’t have to worry about the danger of fire too 😉
smarties-easy seafood noodle with a twist

Smarties had an awesome time in the kitchen and watching everyone eating happily thereafter. They certainly feel satisfied both in their tummy and in their heart. Watch them in action in the video!

Do you have a recipe in mind that you want to learn? 
Do you have a recipe to share with us?

We will be more than happy to try out and share with everyone!
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  1. That sounds delicious! Although I have never eaten seaweed soup. It sounds delicious.

    1. YoungSmarties

      It is! It’s a life savior too when the food turns out bland, you can always just add in the soup and voila!

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