Enjoying owl time

Still guessing or wondering what we did with our finger painting and leaves printing? We are drawing owls! Do you realised that owls are very popular nowadays? It could have been very popular long ago but only recently I realised that everywhere I go, I do see people having items that have owls printed on it. I don’t hate owls. In fact, I am a fan of owls. I love their big eyes and the wisdom they transmit. This week’s theme is about owls not because we also wanted to jump onto the bandwagon like others, it is because owls come in all different sizes and colors, they are the perfect animal for kids to learn how to draw.

Before the drawing lesson get started, Teacher Huiyi and the kids get to know more about the facts of owls. She showed them different types of owls that can be found in the world. Next, she showed them the owl that they are going to draw for this week’s lesson.
IMG_0106-1 IMG_0111-1

The kids are free to choose what layout they want: landscape or portrait. The real drawing begins and the kids were excited. I can’t wait to see how the owls will turned out.
IMG_0170-1 IMG_0169-1

The whole room was very quite with the kids focusing intensely on their drawing and colouring. Check out the messy table. This is called real serious work in progress….

Drawing, colouring, painting, finally leaves printing! The kids enthusiastically grabbed the leaves that they have picked up before the lesson and started painting and stamping it on their drawings. The little one needed a little bit of help initially but got used to it after a few tries and she began doing it all by herself without messing the place. I’m pretty amazed. Kudos children!
20150518_174328-1 20150518_174322-1

Wanna see the final results? Taaa daaaa!!! What do you think? This looks like a scared owl to me.

This looks like an angry owl. 

Scared owl, angry owl, wise owl or happy owl, I love them all! 🙂

Check out our video here!

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