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This week we are learning letter Ff. I have made some worksheets and some fun activities for this theme. Oops… forgot to mention is fireman theme. Yes, f is for fireman!

We started off with some flashcards showing objects or items that start with the letter f. We practised making the fff, fff, fff sound. Then we moved on to some “on-the-table” activities.

Patterning activity, which is her favourite.

She loves pasting stickers and so here we are using stickers as “water” to diminish the fire. She continued practising with more worksheets before we moved on to other activities.

I allowed her to pace herself on how long she wants to work on each activity. I always have other fun activities to stand by for her once she gets tired or bored or enough with the worksheets.

Next up, we had a role play fun where she pretended to be a fireman. Look at how ready she is!

She didn’t get to extinguish any fire she wanted though. We played with a few rules applied. She had fun spraying at the “fire”.

Our last but not least activity of the day was art and craft! Our craft was not according to the fireman theme though. Our art for the day is a frog. It is a recycled craft using toilet roll.
Letter F for frog

There you go! Our frogs with string attached to an insect where we can use it to feed the little frogs.
Letter F Frog Craft

How cool is that? We hope you had fun reading and following our letter f theme. Do stay tuned for more in our future blog posts.

Here’s a summary of what we have learnt/achieved this week:
– recognise letter Ff
– knowing words that start with letter Ff
– train hand-eye coordination and control
– self-regulation of attention and behaviour
– train fine motor skills
– train phonemic awareness
– train independence
– improve creativity and thinking skills

Click on the image to download the activities sheets

Do you know of any other letter F activities that are fun and engaging for preschoolers or kindergarten kids? Feel free to share in the comment below!

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  1. I love your fun based learning series and kids are so excited to learn and play at the same time.

  2. Phoebe

    I’m impressed with the fun activities you have incorporated for your kids learning. Very creative and I’m sure they enjoyed it as they learn. 🙂 Kudos to you!

    Phoebe – BPDGTravels

  3. Michelle Hon

    Well done mummy on setting up such fun and creative ways for the kids to learn alphabets!

  4. Bumble Bee Mum

    You’re so good at this letter series activities! The Fire extinguisher one is brilliant!

  5. Dawn

    Bookmarking this so that I can try when Laurent is slightly older! Love this series of activities, they look so fun and educational 😀

  6. SengkangBabies

    I wished I am as creative too in teaching.
    Kids would surely remember the lesson better, with al the fun interactions.

    cheers, Andy

  7. shubhadabhide

    You are super creative! I really liked the Fireman theme – simple, real-life and fun.

  8. Susan

    Your fireman activity is so interactive and fun for your girl. Love all these home teaching ideas that you share on your blog.

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