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Finale: Rainforest Treehouse and Starfish Leisure Farm

It’s the last day at the treehouse. If you have missed our post on our past 2 days, you can read about our Day 1 here and Day 2 here. We kinda miss this place and miss the carefree life here. Smarties were asking when are we coming back already. After we were done with the packing, smarties made their way down to the hall on their own.

As usual, made our own breakfast and relaxed at a corner.

We took our own sweet time relaxing and chit chatting with the people who managed the treehouse. We were actually the only family left. The rest of the families had actually left the day before. So you can imagine being the only family up in the forest all on your own.

We had a tasting session on a wide range of honey after breakfast. Smarties were really happy about it as they are honey lovers. They even explained how the honey was being harvested and how each type of honey is being used for different health purposes.

We couldn’t resist the taste of the honey and so we bought some home. Mei mei couldn’t bear to leave and she went to enjoy her rest in the hammock one last time. After 2 days of training, she got to get onto hammock like a pro!

Before heading back home, we popped over to Star Fish Leisure Farm. Actually, we were searching for durians but couldn’t find any as it wasn’t the season yet and so we ended having our late lunch at Star Fish Leisure Farm. Look at the heavy rain outside.

While waiting for the food. Smarties had some fun at the huge indoor hammock. They loved jumping and rolling on the hammock. If only we have this in our home. It would be such a great pleasure relaxing on it every now and then.

Our lunch came and we were enjoying our meal slowly while waiting for the rain to stop. Love their fried chicken. Super crispy and juicy!

The servings were really huge! We couldn’t finish the food at the end.

The weather was extremely nice to us. Right after we had our tummy filled up, the rain stopped.

The warm and friendly owner of the farm walked us through his resort and introduced us to his “playground”. They had a small room for 2 rabbits and a duckling and they were so cute! Smarties were trying to stroke them but they kept running away. Guess what? The little duckling ran together with the 2 rabbits. The owner said that they have been staying together since young and so the duckling has been treating the 2 rabbits as its parents. Does it sounds like the ugly duckling story?

After the introduction,  we changed into our adventure gear and started exploring the facilities on the spot! We warmed ourselves up by having a mini race, by hands, on the floating boat (not sure what it is called exactly) between the 2 families.

More arms exercising with rowing the floating boat again but this is a differently designed boat. As you can see, the kids were just sitting in the center enjoying while the adults were doing all the hard work. Don’t you think this boat is cute?

Enough of hands and arms exercises as we ladies do not want too muscular arms. What was about to happened was pre-army training for the young boys and post-army training for the older boys: water obstacle course.

Half way through, daddy had to move on to the tougher part of the course while gor gor got to move to the final stage.

Hooray! Gor gor did a good job for completing the course. He didn’t fell into the water at all. He had been very very careful along the way. He heaved a huge sigh of relief after the completion.

So, what was mei mei doing that time? She was busy using the water gun shooting all over the place, acting cool as well. No one would feel bored here as everyone has something to do.

The farm has a very nice view of the sun setting as well. Mei mei couldn’t resist and took a selfie on her own with the sun.

Evening came and the sky getting dark. We washed up, packed up our stuff and getting ready to eat again because it’s dinner time! The owner brought us to a place which is famous for its tantalizing ribs known as 一只骨 in Chinese and its bucket chicken. True to his recommendation, it was really appetizing and savory.

We had our fun, we had our yummy dinner, and now is time to go home. We started to miss our trip already, can you believe that?

Although we had a huge battle with the mozzies at the treehouse and the many places we traveled to, nonetheless we will miss this place especially the carefree life and the friendliness and hospitality of the people here. These 3 days have been very enriching for all of us. We got to take real life practical lessons on everything we came upon.

The trip had been very fulfilling. We got to play and learn in the outdoors, we explore, observe, ask questions and got real-time answers from the helpful people around us. Instead of checking and googling for answers on iPad and reading it, we learn everything on the spot. Don’t get me wrong, technology is useful. Is a very good tool for supplementing what we learn. What I meant is, we got to experience the real thing sometimes.

You read about the rain, but have you ever get caught in the rain and having no shelter nearby? 

You read about the tree, but have you climb the actual tree and look far ahead and below you?

You read about the insects, but have you ever looked at the insects really closely and know about its habitat? 

You read about the plantation, but have you ever go to the plantation to see, look and even feel the soil? 

You read about people having dreams, but have you ever meet and talk to someone who went all out to have their dream fulfilled?

We read a lot in our city life but have you ever thought about what the real thing is? Reading is good to enrich our knowledge, on top of that, we also need to experience life as well. And I meant really experiencing it. Truly speaking, I didn’t know if I (a city mom) could survive this trip but I did! You never know what you can do until you do it. We’ve gotten tons of new experiences and opportunities during these 3 days of outdoor activities and is really worth it! Additionally, it made me and my family aware of the world: the real world.

Till then, do stay tuned for our next trip…



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  1. Camie

    Such an educational and lovely trip!

    1. Young Smarties

      Thank you, Camie! Yes it’s really educational and we enjoyed our time a lot! 🙂

  2. oinkquack

    The food looks really good! 🙂 And I can see that the kids enjoyed themselves so much! 🙂
    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

  3. SengkangBabies

    Love love love all the Kampong activities. Your kids look so happy! and the “home-cook” food looks good 🙂 Will definitely be adding to my future adventure-itinerary.

    cheers, Andy

    1. Young Smarties

      Bookmarked it! The place is easy to find especially for you 😉

  4. Little Miss Honey

    I read your previous post about the Rainforest Treehouse. This reminds me of a place we visited before by my company for a bonding session. I love the rabbits and the rafts hehe.. And that crispy chicken looks oh so yummy hehe

    1. Young Smarties

      Oh yeah…is called rafts! I lost the word when I was writing the post…hahaa….thanks for that!
      Yep, the chicken was really finger licking good!

  5. shubhadabhide

    So much refreshing! Am sure that your whole family will cherish the memories of treehouse for long time.

    1. Young Smarties

      Definitely! Very memorable indeed especially the experience we had there which we don’t get it in SG….

  6. katongkidsinc

    Will bookmark this for future short trip. I love the hammock too:)

  7. Phoebe

    Loving the kampung style living.. I am also wondering if a city mom and kiddos will survive heheh.. but definitelt hoping to give it a try.


  8. Bubba & Mama

    I am going to try to over come my fear of heights as we talked about and go and try the treehouse!

  9. Winnie

    I just love all the outdoor activities! The huge hammock is definitely a treat for all kids, and the boat. I think that such an outdoor adventure is not just for kids. It’s great for adults to take a breather from city life too!

    1. Young Smarties

      Totally agree! I had my fun rolling and flipping together with my kids on the huge hammock too! Feel like a kid myself… xp

  10. What an idyllic kampung life – great for the kids to experience! I will bookmark this for our next travelling plans. Thanks! 🙂

  11. mav

    hi i love place and the idea that we get to do alot of things just worried about the mosquitos.. if we plan to stay overnight or 2 is there any mosquito net provided? i have a 13 yr old and a 7 yr old girls and they want to experience fishing.. can they do fishing too?

    1. Young Smarties

      Hi Mav, the treehouse stay has mosquito net provided. As for the Starfish Leisure Farm, they do not provide. If worried, you may bring lemongrass diffuser and insect repellent. We didn’t get any mosquito bite while we were there, though. We were well occupied with other activities that we did not notice if there is any fishing activity available.

      If you want to know more, you can send them a private message or call them directly. Here’s their FB link:

      Hope that helps 🙂

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