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Fun learning CVC -un word family

Everyone knows what is phonics. Do you know what is CVC word family?

CVC word is actually a word that is made of a consonant, vowel, and consonant sound. For example hat, pot, man are CVC words. After learning their basic phonics, the next step is to allow your child to learn CVC words followed by word family where they will make use of the letter sounds to ‘blend’ it to read words.

Mei mei has been learning her phonics and now she is proceeding to the next level. By the way, she hates assessment (also known as revision) books. Hence, I have to create some fun “worksheets” for her to learn in a not-so-boring way. We were learning about the -un word family. There were mainly three letters words that have simple and easy sounds and a 2 four letters words to increase the level of her readiness.

We had a fun session of sounding out and reading the words. The next step is to write. The cards were being laminated so that she could rewrite as many times as she likes.
Smarties un CVC word family read and write activity

To further exercise her developing memory, I have created some matchy worksheets so that she could utilize her ability to recall information in relation to something she has seen before.
Smarties un CVC word family matching activity

Fixing word puzzles activity was her favorite. She loves finding the missing pieces (although is just a 2-piece puzzle) and forming the words that she had learned before. It was the most engaging way to learn.

After phonics, CVC words are interesting for your child to work on. This is because your child gets to transform simple letter sounds into words. You do not need to wait for your child to have a firm grasp of all the letter sounds before learning CVC words because the introduction of simple CVC words early allows your child to understand why we’re learning all of these letter sounds. Check out our video on what mei mei did.


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