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Fun science with baking soda and vinegar!

Kids love science. Why? Because they get to see the changes, or should I say, the chemical reaction between 2 or more substances/elements. I still remember the very first time when I showed my kids how baking soda and vinegar reacted together, they went ooooh….ahhh…. It really amazed them! Since then, they have never stop asking for more. Today, they have requested to have a hands on session with the baking soda and vinegar again.

Luckily, I still have baking soda and vinegar in the kitchen. Here they are enjoying their science project. Not to forget, we have added food colouring into the vinegar to make it more colourful when mixing it into the baking soda. It will be good if we have more food colourings as they not only get to see the bubbly effect, they will also get to learn about primary and secondary colours.

baking soda 2

They love the way it fizzes. Looking at them having fun together really makes my day.

baking soda 1

Another good thing with this science project is that the kids will get to touch and feel the mixture. It is kind of gooey but is a good sensory activity for the kids. Give it a try! Is fun and educational! 😉

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