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Fun spelling games for kids

The word spelling sounds like a scary monster to many kids and even parents. Learning English is not just about reading, we also need to learn how to write, which means we need to learn how to spell too!

How do we entice our kids to learn to spell and how do we make learning spelling fun? To teach a kid to learn to spell, we need to implement multi-sensory methods which include:

– show the word
– use flash cards

– sound it out to them
– get them to repeat after you
– repeat a few times

– trace the word

To make it fun: play spelling games. Here is a list of games that are easy to prepare and engaging for kids.

Game #1: Tic Tac Toe
We love tic tac toe! All you need to prepare is to write the words on pieces of paper, fold it and place it in a bag or box. Take a turn to pick a piece of paper and get the other person to spell. If spelt correctly, he/she may draw ‘X’ or ‘O’ on it.

Pardon her angry face because I prevented her from winning. LOL!

Game #2: Word Hunt
We hunt for words in magazines, newspapers, books or articles. This also encourages them to read too!

Game #3: Sensory writing
Do you have shaving cream, jell-O mix, salt or rice? All you need to do is to just use any of the items, fill a tray or container and have your kid to spell the word using the fingers.

Game #4: Form it or Stamp it
When they were younger and learning the ABCs, I used alphabet magnets to teach them. Now we are re-using the magnets to learn to spell. They can either spell the words on the fridge or stamp it on playdough.

Game #5: Words Memory
Get some blank cards, write the spelling words on the cards. Note, each word has 2 cards. Shuffle it and play a game of SNAP! We have 2 sets of cards, shuffle and placing it face down. Both of us will “open” up each card. If both cards match, we shout SNAP, READ the word and SPELL it out. If spelt correctly will get the pair of cards. Whoever has the most cards will win the game. This teaches them not only to recognise the word, but it also encourages them to spell too!

There are many other fun spelling games or activities to let your kid learn in a fun and engaging ways. Do remember that in order to master it, you have to introduce new words on different days and NOT all words at the same time as this will put them off and they may even feel stressful.

Always review and revise with them to make sure that their brain has permanently retained the word and they are able to retrieve it when required. Remember, those spelling words look simple and easy to us because we have seen these words many times but they are aliens to the kids as this is the first time they see it. Do be patient with them.

Do you have more ideas on how to make learning to spell fun and interesting? Do share with us and other parents too. Sharing is caring!


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