Fun with erupting volcano

My kids have always love playing with baking soda and vinegar. Not only them, I love it too! We always imagine there’s a volcano and it is awake and erupting while the kids started pouring in the baking soda and vinegar. This project is really fun and another advantage is it can be played fairly because there are 2 ingredients used here and since I have 2 kids, each of them is able to “in charge” on their own item. Yeah, you heard me right. Even though we always do things together, the siblings do fight when both wanted to be the leader at the same time and it really drives me nuts!

I have been feeling very “imbalance” whenever we play with this. Although, being kids, they have very good imagination but I want them to see more of a real thing sometimes. Also, it is better and easier to visualise how a volcano really works when I do the teaching.  Oh no, I don’t mean going to find a REAL live volcano! But at least a mould of the volcano will be good enough.

I found this volcano making kit and it looks interesting. We started to explore how to DIY the volcano and the kids got really excited about it.

The package includes the following: mould, plaster powder, instructions manual, water colour to paint on the volcano and some colourful pictures of houses and people running.

As usual, each of them will be assigned a task and they couldn’t wait to get started. My boy began fixing the mould while my little girl busy taking out the pictures.
20150513_125130-1 20150513_125124-1

When done, we started mixing the plaster powder with water and pour it into the mould. The plaster got dried up pretty quickly and I was worried that the volcano may crack or split up when we start to experiment with it. Amazingly, it didn’t. The kids started painting over the volcano with the water colours provided. (Didn’t manage to take pics on the process of pouring the mould as my hands was covered with the plaster while pouring over.)

Yippeee! Finally, we have a volcano. Now, is the action. They started pouring the baking soda and vinegar into the cylinder and the eruption occurred. It’s really awesome to see the reaction with a “real” volcano this time round! The kids were really excited about it. They kept playing with it till the whole bottle of vinegar and baking soda were totally used up.

It was really a good experience for the kids with this experiment. Next, we shall move on explore more facts about volcanoes. Do stay tuned for our next post on fun facts about volcanoes. 🙂

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