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Fun with photo art

Over the holiday, we did quite a number of art and crafts. The most creative one that the smarties did was the one with their own photo. Here’s what we did.

Smarties got to choose their picture from my gallery and I printed it out in black and white. They cut out their picture along the outline and started planning and painting the background that is suitable for their picture.

Mei mei was super excited about it and gor gor looking serious here…

Now really into serious work…

Colouring is next and we start to see the full picture. Mei mei’s one looked kind of abstract while gor gor’s one is more practical and real.

Finally the results were out and look what we got! We had a little show and tell where the smarties will explain why they created the picture this way and not that way.

Mei mei explained that she would love to be in a colourful world, having good food with long hair like a Rapunzel.

Gor gor explained that he loves nature and freedom, therefore the clear blue sky with birds and rainbow.

What about my view?  My smarties are definitely happy kids! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Is really amazing what they came up with 🙂 Kids are really creative!

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