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Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder

We were blessed to be invited to the preview of Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder. Smarties were super excited as they love exploring the ever interesting artwork installations at the Singapore National Gallery. 

Check out our previous trip to Gallery Children’s Biennale in 2017! Smarties still remember how much fun they had at the previous one.

This year is their second edition and their highlights include:
– 11 interactive works by esteemed Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists
– Experience 3 new works inspired by the visual culture and daily life of Singapore’s past
Best of all, it is suitable for the whole family. 

Smarties started off with THE STORY OF KARUNG GUNI BOY which showcase sculptures using materials like cardboard. Smarties read the story and headed off to explore the sculptures.

There were frosted boxes where you can peep through the peeping holes and discover the wonders of the miniature world of the Karung Guni Boy.
Karung Guni boy's miniature world

Next, we headed off to explore DAYUNG SAMPAN – BE YOUR OWN CAPTAIN ON DECK where we found the sampan and you can pretend to be a captain. There were periscopes for people to look through and explore and discover objects that seem to resemble a foot and a birdcage.

See the world

Want to engage and excite your senses through touch and play with an array of colors, sounds, and textures? Then head over to THE OORT CLOUD AND THE BLUE MOUNTAIN. Smarties had exploring the buttons and textures!

KENANGAN KUNANG-KUNANG (MEMORIES OF FIREFLIES) is where we explored next. The room was filled with digital print on canvas, speakers, LED lights and stepping pads. We got to exercise our feet by stepping on the stepping pads to see the effects on the canvas. We were also captivated by the largest canvas in the room that came alive whenever we turned it.

Want to create melodies using ping pong balls? Then you don’t want to miss the CHANCE OPERATIONS where you get to experiment sound and create a tune by throwing the balls against the pipes. Kids were having fun creating different melodies and exercising at the same time. But be warned if you have kids who are sensitive to sound. 

Does anyone need a hug? There’s a BIG HUG room where you get to discover more about yourself, your friends, family, and the world through touch and play. The room was filled with colorful and vibrant illustrations. I think we stayed here for the longest time as there were several areas to explore.

Last but not least, we headed to THE OTHER WALL, where we all felt like we have entered a castle of gold. Mei mei had a great time working on the activities. The cushions shown here are actually Burmese alphabets!

Smarties had an awesome day exploring, learning and interacting with those artworks. I’m really amazed at how the art scene has changed over the years. In the past, art pieces are forbidden to be touched but nowadays art installations encourage interaction in order to communicate its artistic message. Children, especially, benefits loads from it.

If you need more information, do click on Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder. It will start from 25 May – 29 Dec 2019

Come join their opening of Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019 with a host of activities happening across two weekends.
First weekend: Sat-Sun | 25–26 May
Second weekend: Sat-Sun | 1–2 Jun
Time: 12–5pm

Admission is free for Singaporeans and PRs.

Don’t forget to share with us which is your most favorite art installation 😉

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