Getting ready for Lunar New Year!

It’s 2015! Can you believe that?!?! The time just flew by in a blink of an eye! I just can’t stop myself feeling old because I see my kids growing up real fast. No matter what (happy or sad, good or bad), I enjoy spending the time with them, growing up with them and not forgetting fighting with them too. You “heard” me right, I do fight with them in a playful manner. No blood, no injury…uh…uh…

Before you know it, now we are busy with getting ready to welcome the Lunar New Year. Not really “we”, as the kids don’t really prepare for that. It’s the PARENTS who are the one having to do all the spring cleaning and getting new clothes for everyone in the family. Talking about spring cleaning, it drives me nuts especially when you have kids who love to throw their toys all over the place! On the other hand, I always take this chance to make them clean their toys and help out with the housework more during this period. Sounds like child labour huh…

Anyway, in order to make the kids more aware of what Chinese New Year is about, I have created a Chinese New Year theme fun pack for them. Best of all, we get to learn more about how the 12 animals signs in our Chinese zodiac came about. We started off with reading of the story about the 12 animals. At the same time, the kids will have to memorise the positions of the animals as they need to place the animals accordingly on a position chart.

After the story and memory game, we learn about the animals in Chinese and English. The kids will have to match the English and its Chinese words on the animals mats.
IMG_9231-1 IMG_9235-1

Now, we proceed on to writing practice. The little one is practicing her Chinese number characters while the elder one doing his word search. He loves this and asking for more…hmm…maybe I should make a word search booklet for him the next round.
IMG_9239-1 IMG_9240-1

Once done, my little one proceeded on to counting and shape matching while my elder one practice his Chinese number characters too and fill in the blanks (forgot to take pic for this…oops!)
IMG_9246-1 IMG_9249-1

Last but not least, we have a little craft time on decorating the “chun lian”, which is also called the Spring Festival couplets.

What do we do after we have completed everything? Of course is baking time! Stay tuned for our baking session in our next blog post 😉

Have a good day everyone!

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