H is for HOUSE. H is for HOME.

Oh yes, you read it right! We are learning about different types of houses around the world.

I asked my children: “What is a house?”
They answered me: “This is my house!”
Yes, is correct.

I asked my children again: “What is a home?”
They pondered awhile and answered: “This is my home. But what is the difference?”
So I told them: “Well, a house is a building or a structure where people live in. A home is also a place where people live in but people call it HOME because they feel they belong there.”
Their reply?: “Oh, got it! This is my house. It is my home.”

Is amazing how fast the children can absorb and understand things. We moved on to the introduction of the different types of houses by using flashcards. Not sure about you, but I do like using flashcards to start off the introduction part. It is so much easier and less boring than reading and explaining each topic in a read-the-book format. On top of that, we use the flashcards to play games too!

The children can’t wait to learn! They started with the maths portion of this theme. The little one started counting  the windows and pasting the correct number on the cute little buildings while my preschooler working on his subtraction and addition on the houses.
IMG_6953-1 IMG_6955-1

In addition to houses, we learned about the different parts of the house too. My preschooler was busy “decorating” his home by placing the items to where it belongs in a house. Same goes for the little one but in a different way and she got her brother to help her when she noticed her brother has completed his task.

Next, my toddler has a game of shapes recognition and placing it to form a house while my preschooler got to practice his cut and paste skills.
IMG_6991-1 IMG_6999-1

IMG_7012-1 IMG_7016-1

After a session of houses and homes, what do we do? PLAY!!!!!
Hope you have enjoyed “H is for HOUSE. H is for HOME” with us! Have a good weekend! 😉

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