Hand painted flower vase

Howdy everyone! Past weeks have been really busy for us, how about you? Busy life we have here but still, we do not forget to sneak in some time for fun 🙂

Today, we had fun doing hand painting. Nope, not henna on our hands or nail art on our nails but using our hands to paint a flower vase. It was really fun! Look at how engrossed they were during the session.

Especially the little one, she simply loves “dirtying” her hands with all the colours. Surprisingly, the colours that she mixed were lovely.
IMG_6544-1 IMG_6553-1

Over here, my preschooler was really careful with his hand. He made sure there’s only 1 hand printed on the paper as he wanted to decorate it with other things in mind.
IMG_6550-1 IMG_6565-1

Finally, their end product of their hand painted flower vase as shown below. Bet you can tell the paintings belong to who. 😉

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