Happy cupcake

Smarties have been pestering me to bake and so where we go. I bought a box of premix flour and handed over the instructions to gor gor. He read it, followed it and guided mei mei along except the part where they need to separate the egg whites and the yolks.

Oh, not to forget, we got a new air fryer and we are putting this to good use with baking. Here’s our first batch of cakes ready to be baked!

While waiting for the little cakes to be ready, the smarties layed out the next batch of liners. Realised with air fryer, cakes are being baked a lot of faster and the cakes are more moist. Look at that!

I’ve bought some icing for the smarties to “play” with. They used this to decorate their little cupcakes. A very fun way to test their creativity and motor skills.

Here we have just only 1 happy cupcake being done because they said its difficult to squeeze the icing out. I tried it myself and true enough is not easy.

Well, at least we have 1 smiley cupcake successfully created. 😉

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