Happy Mother’s Day!

May already?!? Can you believe it? That means Mother’s day is round the corner! It’s the time of the year when the children start making or buying lovely gifts or doing something meaningful for their mummies! To me, everyday is mother’s day if they are well behaved, healthy, growing up well, etc. Bet these are what most mummies wish for of their children, right?

This week’s art theme is specially for all mummies out there. We are making not 1 but 2 mother’s day gifts: a card and a champagne cup. First, we start off with the champagne cups. Over here, the children have lots of colours to choose from. They had a hard time selecting the colours they want to be painted on their little champagne cups.

After selecting their colours, now they are fully focusing on colouring it and later moved on to decorations.

Next, while waiting for the paint to dry, the children started out making the mother’s day card. They are free to design and decorate the cards using their own creativity and ideas. Different media of colours are being placed on the table for them to choose from.

My little girl wanted to draw mummy and some other pictures on her card but doesn’t know exactly how, hence got the teacher to help her instead. Now she’s busy filling up the pictures with beautiful colours.
IMG_9748-1 IMG_9739-1

Look at the final results! What do you think? I’m definitely loving it! Handmade gifts from my little ones are the best gifts ever!
IMG_9969-1 IMG_9970-1

Mother’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday 10th May. This simple and colourful Mother’s Day champagne cup and card craft activity is a ton of fun for children to make. Everyone loves getting hand-made cards and gifts. The time, creativity and the effort that go into making the gifts are truly loving gifts in themselves. So, what better way to show you love her than by making a card or/and gift yourself? Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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