Have you Amped??

Oh right! This is a throwback blog post that happened over the 1 week school holiday period. We have been out everyday that I do not have time to really sit down and blog!

So other than the Tiong Bahru Park Adventure Playground where else did we do or go? Well, have you heard on Amped Trampoline Park? Finally I manage to book a slot for my children! Have been wanting to bring them there but is always fully booked before I can even choose a time slot. Before going, I was thinking if they will like it or will it be boring after a short period of time as all you have to do is jump, jump and jump.

Why do I want to bring them there? If you do not know, trampolining has several benefits. Compared to jogging or running, with trampolining, the springs take away all the impact of the road, and as a result, the activity has been shown in test to be three times more beneficial to you than running. So a 10 minutes of bouncing is the same as a half hour run! It has also proven to be an effective weapon against the ageing process (uh hum…this is more for me though) and, in many cases, leaves us strong and fitter. But to the children, of course, fun is more important than anything else.

Is it safe for young children? They do give you a short briefing explaining what you can or cannot do when you are trampolining. As long as you follow the rules, all should be fine. Moreover, there are several staffs watching over everyone in the trampoline area.

Enough said! The children love it to the max!! They keep jumping and bouncing around for the full 1 hour (oh, we can only booked an hour slot by the way). When the time was up, everyone was perspiring and panting away.

Over here, I’ve attached a short video clip of our session at the Amped Trampoline Park. Take a look and let me know if you feel like going too. 😉

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