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Healthy and fun ways to explore Singapore Zoo

Do you know that Singapore Zoo is the world’s best rainforest zoo? If you do not, now you know. Not only is Singapore Zoo a place to explore and learn, but it also caters to your stomach too with a healthy breakfast added to the menu.

Smarties couldn’t wait and woke up early that day feeling excited as they were going to the zoo to celebrate Kellogg’s Family Day. We arrived early and headed to Ah Meng’s Restaurant for breakfast. A bright and colourful booth with a range of Kellogg’s cereal greeted us and smarties headed straight for that.


Smarties love Kellogg’s cereal and it has always been in their breakfast menu even at home or when we travel. You can have it on its own or with milk. Smarties have been fussy eaters, with cereal in place, I don’t have to worry much as it is packed with nutrients such as iron, vitamin A, B and C. These nutrients help in increasing red blood cell production, brain function, maintaining good eyesight and healthy skin. Is really awesome to know that Kellogg’s cereals are now available in the breakfast buffet spread at Ah Meng’s Restaurant offered to diners.

On top of the nutritious breakfast provided, we got to enjoy quality family bonding time with the orangutans and the ball python. We were blessed to be able to get up close and personal with them and took some pictures together.

Smarties were a little scared of the beautiful ball python but at least they were gamed to take a photo with me holding it.

Besides the addition of the breakfast menu, the day also marked Kellogg’s sponsorship of Primate Kingdom and naming one of the Capuchin as Coco after its Coco Pops.

We, especially smarties, enjoyed our breakfast loads. Does this tempt you to have a breakfast like ours? Do check out their website for more details as they do have a Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife daily from 9 am to 10.30 am. For more details, you may check out their “Wild Dining” by clicking here.

What’s next after the breakfast and “playing” with the wild? Of course to explore the zoo. Along the way, there were Kellogg’s booths and we got to play some games and won ourselves some prizes too.

Smarties are nature lovers. They love watching, exploring and learning about them. They even stood there for a long time watching a sloth slooooowwwly enjoying its food. Observing how it ate, which food that the sloth likes to eat and how it moved from one place to another to reach for the food. Oh, and there was a bat too!

After watching how the sloth and the bat had their meal, we got to feed the goat next.

There was a “Bubble” event nearby too and smarties had a bubbly good time playing with the bubbles. Of course, it got them soaking wet as well at the end of the event.

The day was full of exploration, learning and relearning about the animals at the zoo. Mind you, the whole day was planned by smarties themselves.

It was a fun and awesome family day for all of us! We will definitely be back again to enjoy the breakfast and exploring the place!

To find out more about Singapore Zoo, do check out their website here. Meanwhile, enjoy our short video for the day!

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  1. Mamatha Dilip

    That looks like a super fun zoo visit. Do they allow petting animals too? We had been to a zoo last weekend and my daughter loved the sea lion show. We might visit zoo often now.?

    1. YoungSmarties

      Didn’t have the chance to pet any animals unless during the times when we feed them. When your child loves it, you will find yourself going to the zoo pretty often 😉

  2. Surbhi

    lovely post and super pics, we had also visited zoo since last week and had same fun like you had.

    1. YoungSmarties

      Thank you! Zoo is always a fun place to go especially with kids 🙂

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