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Preschool Homeschool Theme – Vegetables!

My kids have been asking me a lot about vegetables. Especially when I nag at them to finish up the veggies in their bowl. Hence, this week, our kindergarten homeschool theme will be on vegetables.

Working on this is not easy as there are so many varieties of vegetables in the market. We picked a few that we commonly see and eat for this week’s theme. Check out the worksheets and activities that they did! The worksheets and activities involved right and left brain training. They love it very much specifically the activities that involve family games. It increases our family bonding time too 🙂

Every kid loves colourful pictures. Here, we have a colourful picture of rabbits and its vegetables. My boy has to count and draw the number of objects on the worksheet below. 

This activity allows both to work together. They have to sort the vegetables according to the colours.
Sorting Vegetables according to colors

Chinese penmanship or should we say prewriting? 🙂

While the brother is busy practising Chinese writing, the little one is busy with sorting out the alphabets.

Another activity where both has to work together to sort out which vegetables are above the ground and which are below.

Recognising the patterns and putting the correct one in the next order. 

Sorting of letter V according to upper case or lower case. 

Memory game which my boy loves. 

Maths! The counting game and finding the correct numbers to place on the mat. 

Kids favourite do-a-dot.

Simple emergent reader for the brother to practice his reading and word recognition. While the little one trying to sort out different sizes of the potatoes 😉

The best way to learn is to do it in a fun way! Enjoy!

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