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House painting by Smarties and its benefits

Last weekend was a really busy one as we were revamping our living room with a new look and fresh coat of paint. It’s really tough work if it’s only the parents doing it, so we got smarties involved as well. In fact, the minute they saw daddy bought the paint back, they requested to help out in painting the walls.

Smarties woke up feeling real thrilled! Never have I seen them got up so quickly without nagging to brush the teeth, get changed and have their breakfast. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on the “paint brush” and start working!

This was also the time where they got to legally draw and messed up the wall. Check out how happy they were messing around.

Of course, not forgetting their responsibility of keeping the place clean too.

The first layer of paint was nicely done and they moved on to other walls while waiting for this to dry up.

Once it was dried, the final layer went up without delay and it’s smarties favourite colour. This area has become gor gor’s study corner too.

At the end of the day, smarties felt really contented for being able to help the family out and getting the job done. Although tiring, we had spent our weekend bonding over painting and having fun at the same time. Smarties are always on a look out on how they can help with our home and am very pleased with how they are taking up more responsibilities at home as they get older.

Although they have been assisting me since young, it’s never too late to start now if you have not started yet. All these household chores are not only beneficial to them physically, but mentally as well. Children who are being assigned (of course, we, adults need to guide and teach them as well at the start) with a set of chores tend to have higher self-esteem and better in dealing with emotions.

Children who helped out in household chores will see themselves as important contributors to the family because they have the opportunity to give back to their parents. As a result, they will have a better connection to the family too. In short, do not overlook the importance of chores in developing your children’s character. Make it as part of their routine and you will see the effects.

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  1. Camie

    They looked like they had fun! Looks great!

    1. YoungSmarties

      Yes, they did! They were very pleased with themselves for completing the job.

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