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How to help your child learn Chinese ting xie

To some children, spelling is tough. But to many of the children, Chinese ting xie is even tougher!

Because most of us speak English and we know our ABCs so well, it becomes difficult to learn another language. More so for Chinese, as it consists of different strokes and tones.

Trust me, it ain’t easy. You may know the words because you have learned it but to them, these words are foreign to them. It looks “Chinese” to you. To them, it looks “Korean”. If you get what I mean.

So, how do we help our child learn ting xie without the struggles? Firstly, they need to recognise the words. Without word recognition process, it’s tough to learn how to write as you need to know the strokes. But we have to do it in an engaging and fun way. I know it sounds easy and tough at the same time. Now let’s take a look…

Break it up
Look, the school teacher always gives you the list in advance. You can start teaching each word on different days. One word each day is not as stressful as 3-5 words per day for a child. Before the day of ting xie, you may test them all at the same time. You may need to monitor how well they take it. If the learning process is fun and they start to grow their interest in it, it shouldn’t (crossing fingers) be tough. 

Draw it
Some words do relate to pictures, also known as a pictogram. Wonder what pictogram looks like? Check out our previous blog post on How to teach your child Chinese at home. Children love visual. With pictures, it makes it easier for them to recognise and then, LEARN.

Make it fun!
Don’t make ting xie sounds so scary.
Don’t focus on making sure all correct.
Don’t scold or grrrr when the child gets it wrong. (I know this part is tough!)
Play a game of bingo or snap! Playing helps them recall the word much easier and less stressful. Trace the words or rewrite the words for each word they got.

Words on the wall
To make recognition easier and writing it more fun. Print out the words, paste on the wall or wherever highly visible for them. Whenever they walked past that place with the word, read out the word and trace it!

Last but not least, set up a timetable together (depending on families) and decide on a comfortable time of the day to learn ting xie. As both agree on the time of the day, your child will be less likely to resist when the time comes to learning ting xie.

Hope this helps!

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