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How to make reading fun!

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We love to make reading and learning fun. One of the ways to make it fun is to include activity before, during or/and after reading a children’s storybook. Not forgetting to read it with loads of love, actions, and emotions so that your child can feel you and feel the story.

This week we went to the library and borrowed a book called Leafy the Pet Leaf. The book was bright, colorful and not too many words. The story can be easily related to the life of little children too.

The interior of the book wasn’t too messy as well and lots of happy faces to cheer up your child.

We read together and mei mei was listening very attentively to it. We even acted out some of the emotions felt by the characters in the book as well. After reading, we decided to make a craft related to the story we have just read. I allowed mei mei to choose which pet she wants to make from the story. She chose the cat. As usual, we went for a treasure hunt in the house and find what are the materials we can use to make the cat. It wasn’t long before we managed to collect all the required materials needed.

Here are the materials:
– a box
– cat’s head and tail cut out from cardboard
– paint
– paint palette
– scissor
– glue
– paint brush
– wiggly eyes
– cotton
– a pompom for the nose
– a ribbon to make the collar of the cat
– a bell or a button to decorate the collar

Mei mei couldn’t wait to get started on making her pet cat! She patiently put everything in place and painted the cat with her favorite color: blue. Yes, the cat is going to be blue in color. No, I don’t restrict the color she chooses during craft sessions because this is where and how they express their ideas through creativity.

Want to know how the pet cat turned out? Taaaa daaa!! Here is her little blue pet cat from Leafy the Pet Leaf children’s storybook.

We had a little discussion session where we talk about her little pet cat. The purpose of this is to develop her language skills when she talked and described the color, shape, and size of her little pet cat and how she felt during the process of the craft session. It also trained her patience when she slowly painted the whole cat and waiting for it to dry up before she could further decorate it. She enjoyed both the story and craft sessions a lot and she’s asking for more.

Here’s a video on the process of her craft. Enjoy and do stay tuned for more updates on what we will be reading and working on next! 😉

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  1. Camie

    Too cute! Loved the video. What a darling! ?

    1. YoungSmarties

      That’s so sweet of you. Thank you for loving it 🙂

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