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How to turn a glass of water without spilling?

Yes, you read it right! We have been exploring on how to turn a glass of water upside down without spilling. Guess what, it works! Smarties had a load of fun trying it out with different types of cups and glasses and different pieces of paper.

This experiment is pretty simple. All you need is:
– a piece of paper (big enough to cover the mouth of the glass) and
– a half-filled glass of water.

Do note that this experiment will get your place wet! As a mom, either you have to be prepared to get your place wet and get the kids clean up or prepare a container to “catch” the water. If you get what I mean.

Once you are mentally ready as a mom and the kids are ready (they are always ready, don’t they?). You can get started! Here’s what you need to do:
– fill the empty glass with water (half filled will do)
– gently place the paper on top of the glass
– hold the glass up and move the glass over the container, if any
– flip the glass over
– slowly release your hand from the paper and watch as the paper stays covering the glass and the water doesn’t spill out

Don’t understand what I mean? Now watch how smarties did it. There was a failed attempt but that didn’t turn them off. They tried again till it worked!

How Does the Experiment Work?
That is because of the air pressure. The air around us pushes in all directions. When you turned the glass of water, the air pushing up from underneath the paper is strong enough to stop the weight of the water from pushing the card down. Because of this air pressure, the card will stay on the glass and the water will not spill out. Do note that the paper will stay for awhile, it will likely to fall eventually.

Both smarties and I were amazed by this experiment that appears to defy gravity. All you need to do is to be mentally prepared for a BIG wet mess unless you are doing it over a container. Go on and try it out and have fun!

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