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I blew my top right at the front door!

Yes, you heard me right. I blew my top right at the front door where every neighbour in our area can hear me for sure! I couldn’t contain my anger anymore because I have been enduring it for the past 3 months (almost 4 months now) and the container just blew up today. I have been reminding gor gor, since the beginning of the year till date, to pack his bag the night before and not when he is about to go to school. Today is the last straw for me as he started crying for his book and insisting on finding it before going to school!

Guess what? Earlier today I just read an article about parents yelling at their children and how damaging it is. The title of the article is Talking to your child after you yell, and it mentioned that parents yelled at their children, on average, once a month. WHAT? How can it be just once a month? I have been yelling (not every day) but definitely more than that! Being a stay-home mom wasn’t a bed of roses, mind you. We are always dealing with the little ones’ tantrum 24 x 7 and we DO try to control ourselves most of the time. To be in so control and patience forever, is IMPOSSIBLE. Is just like asking a pig to fly.

I yelled not because I want to belittle them, not because I want to hurt them but I want them to know my limit has reached and they have to be awakened by my yelling to know what kind of damage they have done. I don’t just yell for the sake of yelling but I yell to get them to know that attention is required here and now. I yelled to let them know that many reminders have been given and they are still not remembering it by heart. I don’t just yell without giving any chances. I do talk to them nicely which leads to reminding and lastly nagging before it becomes a yell. It’s a progression.

Life with children is like a life on a roller coaster ride. So, please do not judge when a parent started yelling because the parent (regardless a mum or a dad, working or non-working) may have done loads or endure long enough before it becomes a yell.

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  1. Feel you! It happens, almost often for me too. Somehow, yelling seems like their motivation to get that act together.

    1. YoungSmarties

      Yeah…can’t agree more! Is really frustrating sometimes and we just can’t control not to yell…

    2. YoungSmarties

      Yeah..*high five*

  2. It is a conspiracy, I tell you. Somehow, the kids are all wired to blow the parents’ fuses!
    I am always guilty immediately after I scold them (well, most of the time).

    Parenthood, and sometimes people think bloggers all have Happy Perfect families (since we only post happy photos).

    cheers, Andy

    1. YoungSmarties

      Hmm… am I hard-hearted? I don’t usually feel guilty after blowing up because our temper is the consequences of them!
      Yeah, I know right! Everyone think we are the angels but in actual fact, we are no different from most parents out here.

  3. Yes I get you… it is so frustrating with when the kids just don’t listen even after countless reminders.. then we yell.. then we get so guilty… but then the situation doesn’t seem to improve much. I think yelling as parents is inevitable!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. YoungSmarties

      Agree to the max on that!

  4. Pooja kawatra

    It does happen with all of us as a parent when kids are rally on our nerves and we are running short of time or had to get the work done soon.

    1. YoungSmarties


  5. Not proud to admit that Iv’e been there and done that too. As much as I try to keep calm, there are days where my patience gets tested time and time again and screaming seems to put a stop to everything.

    1. YoungSmarties

      No one is proud after losing it. But being a parent, I suppose is inevitable.
      Life after kids…

  6. I’m a little surprised to read this, coming from you. You always seem so collected, doing so many well planned educational stuff with the kids. Don’t worry, a little screaming is good for the system 🙂

    1. YoungSmarties

      Oops! Did I just let the cat out of the bag? haha…
      Most of the time collected, but there will be times I’m a monster…*Oops, did I let another cat out of the bag?*

    1. YoungSmarties

      Yes, agree…
      If we really can bottle everything up, we are really robots!

  7. Shub

    Didn’t know you can lose it too…But yes, kids do try our patience many times. Parents need to vent out too…But it should not become everyday habit…

    1. YoungSmarties

      I guess even the most “calm and quiet” parent will lose it too when it comes to the limit reached.

  8. I’ve always believed that kids should also learn that adults/ parents / teachers…all have their limits. We should not shield them from these and make them think that the world should never shout / be angry at them regardless. We all know how the world is like out there…and to shield them is to create a sense of unrealistic expectation of the world…and not exactly building resilience as well as nudging them towards higher standards of behavior….but having said that it doesn’t mean we should cross the line into verbal / mental abuse.

    1. YoungSmarties

      Yes, totally agree with you on that! Too much shielding, makes them become a weakling…

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