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Keeping little one busy with busy bags (Part 1)

Bet most of you have heard about busy bags. If you haven’t, well, it’s a simple bag that contains simple activities to keep your child busy especially when you are waiting for food at the restaruant or a visit to the doctor. You can use it before bed time or during quiet time too. I’ve recently joined one busy bags exchange and is amazing how each parent brilliantly made those bags.

What’s the upside of it?
You get a variety of busy bags all at the same time. In other words, your little one get to have an assortment of busy bags to choose from.

The downside?
You have to make so many sets of the same bags for the exchange that your hands and back can get really sore!

Nevertheless, is a great experience and great satisfaction to see your little one having so much fun learning through busy bags. Let me introduce to you some of the busy bags we have gotten over the exchange.

  1. Number counting
    Mei mei had fun counting the colourful pictures and using the cute little animal pegs to clip on the correct number.
    numberpegsNot only does this improve their number counting skills. It also helped in their motor skills.
  2. Tracing
    Mei mei doesn’t really like writing especially using pencil and paper but she loves using marker. She’s really focused when she started holding on to the marker, tracing every pictures on every pages.


  3. Pipe Cleaner and Beading.
    This bag contains a variety of learning skills: learning numbers, color sorting and also motor skills training. Extended activities can be done with your own creativity.
  4. Geoboard game
    I would expect this to be fun as many of the parents were telling me their kids played with this the longest time. Surprisingly, not for mei mei. She just played awhile and proceed on to other games. Like they said, not all the kids the same.

What did she do after a few busy bags?
A pretend play: manicure for mummy.
manicure1 manicure2

Want to check out what other busy bags we have? Do stay tuned for our next blog post. 🙂

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